Private Equity

Dice Matrix specialises in providing a fully managed 360° feedback business health-check for any business seeking investment or looking to invest.

We take the responsibility for delivering insight and factual data on the areas that due-diligence cannot measure, quickly and reliably by capturing data direct from those that are most key to a business’s success – its employees and customers.

Why should I use DMM and how much will it save me?

If you are planning to invest in any company, or supply funding we would suggest it would be sensible to carry out some detailed, fact based research to understand the ‘fluffy’ stuff that cannot be detected via due-diligence alone. The Dice Matrix Model gains insight via Customer & Employee surveys, it then compares the neurological questions and analyses the gaps to identify risk, high risk and opportunity. A fact based SWOT that will shine a light on any potential issues deep routed within any business. It could expose potential risks or opportunities in a company that under the scrutiny of standard due diligence looks solid – DMM has the ability to look at a company from a totally different angle.

Is this insight going to drive productivity and improve business performance?

Yes – The DMM will deliver tactical strategy based on fact, highlighting areas of the business that cannot be discovered any other way. The ‘IP’ (Intellectual Property) of the DMM is unique allowing only those who use the system to benefit from its outputs and allow investments to become more informed and as such less risky and more rewarding.

How does it work?

Here is the best bit – the online business analysis software process is totally secure, simple and user friendly. You can do as much or as little as you like with our support. Some Investors and Companies take a real ‘hands on’ approach whereas others hand over the responsibility to us completely – whatever works for you.

What reports are available?

  • Once the insight is collated a full Board presentation and Exec summary is delivered personally by us allowing you to understand results in a time efficient and effective way
  • Full breakdown of Risk areas and Opportunity potential
  • Gap analysis by category and by priority
  • Full graphs of data and matrix responses by number and percentage
  • Full printable reports detailing all outputs, gap analysis and delivering a group summary. Specifically designed to identify and provide solutions to the High Risks, Risk Opportunities, and Opportunities. The report also details development needs and actions that should be taken.
  • Real-time Management Information dashboard, allowing instant insight as it evolves

Can the DMM and its process be customised for any investment opportunity?

Yes – our 360° business health-check insight is fully tailored to your needs. We will happily allow you to define your required insight, via specific questions; you set the tone and select who participates. You choose the branding as well as bespoke message content for all communications.