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Dice Matrix provides factual insights into your business that will help you understand the impact of your brand, marketing and service delivery as well as helping you understand the needs of your customers and what your employees believe to assist you in developing a fact based strategy.

Why don’t companies do research?

Without DMM research can be resource hungry, company’s worry about cost, people, collation, databases and time

The DMM is totally managed and very cost effective and speedy without the need for any of those concerns.

Relevance – which questions should be asked

The DMM has already researched the format and will give you the questions for you to approve.

Frequency – how do companies address issues and revisit 

The DMM will allow you to carry out the survey again to gain SMART outputs and measure your project delivery. It even provides you with an action plan and detailed concepts to help you act on the results.

Action – what to do next

The DMM gives you a full report with actions, considerations and total strategic alignment to your bespoke survey gap analysis reports.

Fear – what if I get bad results and have a poor database

The DMM gives you the ability to data cleanse and to quantify the real issues within your business to drive results based on facts. You need to know before your competitors do.

With DMM it is not too difficult (Staff!)

The DMM is an on-line cloud based technology package that is ready to use, easy, quickly and effectively – giving you insight into you business like never before.

Why wouldn’t you?

A 1% increase in employee commitment can lead to a monthly increase of 9% in sales. [IES]

Engaged organisations grew profits as much as three times faster than their competitors. [Corporate Leadership Council]

Increased employee engagement saw a 12% increase in customer satisfaction and double-digit revenue and margin growth over the past three years. (Serco Study)

Businesses offering sensational service achieve a 196% increase on ROI. [BBF & AVN]

All you need to invest is about 30 minutes of your time and no more money than a data cleaning exercise would cost you. (which is included for you free of charge)