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What will the SportDMM deliver at the click of a button?

Marginal Gain

Focusing on small changes within team dynamics that truly affect potential.

Team Dynamics

Address issues within the playing team dynamics before they affect performance


Measure, monitor and care for the team without being intrusive and remain totally discreet and time effective


Is the budget being well spent? Are you being efficient with your time and energy

Aid to Drive Change

Deliver results with focused outputs for Management & Coaches to work with.

Insightful Data

Providing data that helps the Board get beneficial information on the team’s performance.

Reasons to be Optimistic

Understand the positives and success stories of players and coaches, and the relationships between them

The SportDMM team is passionate about helping Sports organisations understand their true hidden potential through evidence based insight and cultural benefits.

SportDMM integrates new emotional data gathered by us, alongside all the data statistics you currently gather in an advanced subject diagnostic tool to give unique Marginal Gain and Wellbeing intelligence.

The SportDMM Model focuses on the six sides of the ‘Dice’, which include Wellbeing, Team Dynamics, Marginal Gain, Data analysis, Budget & Performance. SportDMM will enable you to understand the dynamics of your whole team, quickly and clearly. Giving you the confidence to invest where required, SportDMM will provide the board with the figures they desire. Insight and data figures which are built on fact, stats that will allow your Club to drive changes and implement effective strategies to ensure you reach your full potential.

SportDMM carries out a detailed analysis of an individual’s (Player and Staff) morale, motivations and performance, whilst also analysing their emotional and mental wellbeing. The model will help confirm you have the best possible start to the season. It will also aid you in reaching full potential from a beneficial understanding and engagement with your players, team and your support staff. To synergise total engagement, emotional drive and efficiency, based on hard wired facts, by using SportDMM you cannot fail to drive you to better results.

Progress Analysis Report (PAR)

Annually, half yearly, quarterly or seasonal

The Progress Analysis Report from pre-season to end of season, will demonstrably show areas of growth, improvement and successes.

The results from the first Analysis Report and actions carried out by the Management team can be monitored where you have invested and what kind of return it has delivered. SportDMM includes a Timeline Entries capability to log and monitor important day to day, week by week data.

Data can include but is not limited to; training, results, fitness, diet, injuries, transfers. If you gather data already, we will make sense of it within the extra value we add.

One platform to see anything you need to quickly, efficiently and exactly. Management, coaching and training methods verses results. All accessible via the internet on PC/Mac, tablet, and smartphone, Real-time, anytime.

As a result of inter-season reporting, you will:

  • Gain beneficial insight and additional progress analysis from the first to the last game.
  • The ability to gather and evaluate inter-season reports that contain detailed analysis and visual statistics. This will allow you to reflect on your outputs from pre-to post-season.
  • Allowing you to drill down into management styles and training processes to identify key winning strategies.
  • To follow individual players progress, to manipulate the data to drive results. To monitor, measure and plot tactical strategy.
  • To measure, monitor and understand each player and team members Wellbeing and personal profile.
  • One easy system with clear actions, outputs and data from every division, department, training devise you use to deliver marginal gain

We have been working with data for many years, helping organisations understand what needs to be done to succeed and to be more profitable.

Our customers have said that SportDMM delivers real benefits including:
  • Understand your squad and staff and what assists their performance, development and measure Wellbeing
  • Gain insight to outsmart and drive your competitive advantage
  • Invest your budget on what will deliver results, growth and ensure it is monitored
  • Bespoke Squad Management integration with timeline entry and match management
  • Progress Analysis Report allows you to monitor progress and look across seasons to gather and evaluate vital statistics
  • Targets areas of inefficiency and poor results to drive changes quickly that benefit the whole operation

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