They say a picture paints a thousand words, but a survey gathers real data. We use our years of published research and experience to get straight to the point. We ask your employees and your customers what and how they feel – then we analyse the data and responses to deliver bespoke gap analysis and a real time strategic action plan advising you what to do next.


This isn’t a survey that is merely a way of gathering factual input – at Dice Matrix we are silent consultants, rather than coming into your offices and using up vital working time and upsetting your work equilibrium, we collect the data via a quick questionnaire, then we get to work. We analyse, appraise and assess your individual responses giving you a SWOT/ PEST style report with clear deliverables for you to consider.


You can use your full report and business gap analysis to drive your financial growth forward, 1% of employee engagement can equate to 9% in revenue terms so you need to get this right. The DMM report is broken down into divisions so you can get your teams to focus on the critical areas quickly and effectively. We can recommend partners to work with to resolve issues and then 6 to 12 months later you can repeat the DMM to ensure the improvements you have implemented have had demonstrable results.