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Do you know how happy your employees are, and if your employees and customers are real advocates of your business all of the time, even when not at work? Now is the time to find out. Now is the time to get those questions answered.

Dice Matrix Model allows you to find out this data without intrusive consultancy, without your customers or employees feeling unduly pressured. Dice Matrix Model carries out two bespoke appraisals, in a simple format it asks your employees one question, your customers another, and then compares the perception gap between the two.

This informs your business and arms it with incredibly, insightful information. The best bit is your customers believe they’re doing a simple customer survey and your employees believe they’re doing an employee engagement survey and you get the gap analysis that every business needs to prepare its future strategy.

Dice Matrix Model isn’t a survey tool, it’s what we do with the survey answers that is crucial; we only use the survey as a process to gather the data, what we do with that data will change and shape your business as it is built on fact not assumption or existing inefficient practices. We benchmark and crosscheck your data against industry standards, we will let you know how you’re performing against your competitors, what your risks are, what your opportunities are and we do all of this for a tiny amount of money!

Contact us now to find out how you can shape your business whether you’re trying to grow your business, sell your business, meet stretching targets or just focus on future plans.